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What You Need to Know About Payday Loan

Financial penalties happen to anyone. Whether it’s a car accident, a health problem or a broken washing machine, it’s a fact that from time to time we may need extra money to cover some expense we had not planned.

At this time, the best way out is to apply for a payday loan from loan providers, which offers this service to those who need extra money urgently. Want to know everything about how our service works? Keep reading and see us!

What is payday loan online?

What is payday loan online?

Online payday loan is just like any other loan, but the application is all over the internet and, unlike the financing of assets, money should not have a specific purpose and can be used for various purposes.

Payday loan has lower values ​​and deadlines for clients who urgently need money to pay small bills. We offer values ​​from R $ 200 to R $ 3,000 with payment between 3 to 12 months.

Payday loan is totally online, 100% safe and you do not have to present any collateral (like your home or car) to get it. Our process guarantees a loan without bureaucracy and fast when approved.

How does payday loan work?

How does payday loan work?

Making your loan application fast with loan providers is very simple. You make a simulation of the desired amount and number of installments in which you will repay the loan and already have a return of which will be the total amount paid per month.

If it is all right, you make the request and inform your data, including your CPF, address, contact information (email and phone), income and bank account. It is important that all data is up-to-date and legitimate for your order to be approved.

At the same time you receive the response by the site and receive an email. If it’s approved, the money goes to your account in a matter of hours.

Why ask for payday loan?

Loan providers offers five major payday loan products and certainly one will suit your needs. In addition, our loan:

  • It’s totally online: make your loan request from your notebook, tablet or smartphone. You can also use our app available for Android
  • 100% sure: all information provided in the register will be protected by strict security standards, including your account data that are only requested for credit analysis and guarantee of ownership, without our authorization or access to make transactions;
  • It’s quick: the entire process takes a maximum of 48 hours and you get the money in your account to use according to your goals;
  • No guarantee required: this means that you do not need to present a good as a guarantee, for example your home or car;
  • Loyalty program: We are the only ones who offer a loyalty program to help in the financial health of our clients, you can increase the loan amount, increase the payment term and even have a lower interest rate.

The purpose of the loan providers payday loan is to offer fast, paperless credit to meet your financial needs in the short term. To do this, we evaluate your profile with criteria to offer the best service and establish a relationship based on trust.

Do your simulation right now!

Payday loans debt help -Consolidation of payday loans – where to use?

consolidation loan for payday loans

What is a consolidation loan and how is it different from an ordinary bank loan or a loan company? Well, the consolidation loan, as the name suggests, consolidates. More specifically, it consolidates previous commitments. So if we have several loans in various loan companies and we pay several installments a month, it is worth taking a consolidation loan at We can combine all these installments into one, reduced one. And at the same time additionally, choose additional cash.

Consolidation of payday loans – where to use?

The amounts of such loans are usually high. Because in order for the remaining credit and loans to be consolidated, it is first necessary to repay them by the new lender. Summation of the entire amount that has been repaid and calculation of this monthly installment. It is quite a comfortable matter, because if we have some delays in several companies, payday loans will be repaid thanks to the consolidation loan. And we will be able to start paying off again without delay. When it comes to consolidating payday loans, good credit history at BIK and permanent employment are usually required. The amounts of loans of this type are different, they smell from several to several tens of thousands. You can apply for a consolidation loan up to PLN 25,000 for 12 months, without verification at BIK.

Is the consolidation of payday loans a good idea?

Loans outside the bank over the Internet, granted for a short period of time have it to themselves that the repayment date is very short, and extending it very expensive. So if we have several such loans and limited cash resources, it is not difficult not to make up for the payday on time. In addition to the costs of prolonging the repayment time, the next high fees are the costs for late repayment. So if our home budget is “close”, it is worth considering the possibility of consolidating all payday loans and spreading them into installments, which will make it easier to pay monthly installments and ensure that we have enough money each month.

Consolidation loans may also be useful in another case. In the case when a person who borrows money from various loan companies, and very often uses fast payday services online, it is very easy to fall into the so-called debt loop. Perhaps, dear reader, if you did not have such experiences behind you, you probably do not know how easy it is to get involved in this difficult situation. It sometimes goes up to several years, and it rarely ends with a debt collector and acquisitions of assets, often accumulated throughout life.

How is this process going?

All you have to do is make 2,000 zlotys, 1,400 zlotys you spend per flat, and 600 zlotys for food. If you do not have any savings or so-called “safety buffer”, then one small stumble is enough to disturb your financial liquidity. In the case of dismissal, you need about a month to find another source of income. There is nothing else to lend PLN 2,000 that you would normally earn a full-time job. But let’s assume that the job you have found is not good for you, or the boss had other expectations, and you are fired. Not enough, therefore, that you have to repay the previous payment, increased by interest, then you have to borrow the second enough to survive the next month. So you take out the next loan, pay it back the first hour. Thus, the liability is already several nice thousands of zlotys, increased by interest. The situation is not so tragic when you have chosen to repay the loan in monthly installments.

If you have been online for a short period of time, you must pay off your entire commitment within a month. So what can you do in this situation? Very often people who do not have adequate experience and knowledge in the field of personal finance management repeat the process several times. The repayment loan is growing at an astronomical pace. Finally, due to the size of our commitment, companies providing payday loans and installment loans, refuse to continue financing.

What to do in that case?

For some people, this is an out of office situation and the first delays in repayment begin. They stop answering calls from the loan company, and the case is referred toin the first stage to debt collection and then to the court. In such cases, the court rules the sentence very quickly. Usually, in addition to the court costs, the bailiff is assigned a bailiff who will also collect his commission from the debtor’s amount. It is usually around 5%.

Thus, in a simple way, from one innocent moment, you can make yourself a debt of several dozen or even several hundred zlotys. In the case of such large sums and living for a salary not much higher than the lowest domestic rate, debt repayment can take up to several years. These will be the years that we will have to survive for half the current salary, because that’s how usually the bailiff gets.

If we want to avoid the unpleasant situation described above, if we notice that our financial situation is getting out of control, it is worth reaching for a consolidation loan as soon as possible. Thanks to this, we will be able to pay off the entire debt to existing lenders and get a much lower installment, spread to our capabilities. This will allow you to pay back the loan steadily and without delays, and it depends on the client and the company that provides consolidation loans.

Is consolidating payday loans always the best way out?

Is it always worth consolidating loans into one whole? Can it sometimes be better to pay back each one a little? The answer to this question depends on the situation of the lender, because each situation is usually different, so the answer should also be different. Generally speaking, if we manage to repay even several loans or credits, consolidation will not be necessary. It is obvious that the company that consolidates them will charge its fees for it. A strong argument for, however, is the possibility of choosing an additional amount, without incurring further obligations. All loans will be combined into one installment, and we will pay it back to one lender. In addition, we can also lower the amount of monthly liabilities by extending them for a longer period. This may be a good choice if we expect a reduction in our revenues in the near future.

In our opinion, it is worth considering the consolidation very seriously, if we have problems with the repayment of liabilities in several companies at the same time. This can lead to the situation we described above. At some point, the liability amount may reach a level where the loan will be too high a risk for the lender, so he will have to make a negative decision. It is not worth waiting until this moment, because then also the application for a consolidation loan may be rejected. The decision will take you to the state, and we do not want to advise someone badly. We must certainly bear in mind that if we do not have problems with repayment of existing obligations, perhaps additional cash is unnecessary, especially since it carries additional costs. If, however, our financial situation is not so good, and we have to pay back one more time, then it is worth considering it. It is certain that interest for late repayment and bailiff commission is higher than the cost of consolidating payday debts.


What to know about payday loans – several options



Within the loans there are different options.

Within the loans there are different options.

In this case we will tell you everything you need to know about payday loan , which allow you to reach your goals with the help of your salary.

The motto of the loans is “your plans in motion” and it can not be more appropriate. In the case of the payday credits of the bank your salary grows. The maximum amount that can be obtained is $ 500,000, the interest rate is annual and fixed at 15%, the terms to pay are 36, 48 and 60 months. It is also a credit of the reusable type is to say that what is being paid is requested.

Among the requirements to apply for the payday loans are:

  • Receive the salary at bank
  • Demonstrate $ 2,000 of minimum monthly income
  • Be between 21 and 79 years old
  • Present an official identification in force
  • Have 3 months minimum age with the payday account
  • Carry a proof of address in the event that the current address is different from the voter’s credential.

The steps to request the payday loans are:

  1. Locate the nearest branch or where you are a customer.
  2. Present the identification and the proof of address.
  3. Know the conditions and commissions of the payday credit.
  4. Complete the application.
  5. Register the cell phone number to receive notifications related to the credit.

In the case of having a pre-authorized credit it can be accepted from an ATM .

Customers interested in payday loans perform similar questions. These are the most frequent:

1. Why is this payday loan from different from the competition?

Answer: The main distinguishing characteristic is the redisponibilidad. This means that as payment is made, the available line of credit can be reused without additional procedures. At the same time, this loan has a very low rate (one of the lowest on the market) of 15% per year, does not charge opening commission, nor does it charge an annuity or initial provision.

2. Do I need to be a customer to apply for a payday loan?

Answer: Yes. It is a non-exclusive condition to have an account where payday or pension payments are received and to have a debit card.

3. How much should be expected to receive authorization and approval of the payday loan?

Answer: The process is quite fast, especially if an invitation or a pre-approved credit message has been received. In 30 minutes a response is obtained and if the request is approved within a maximum of 48 working hours, the money is credited to the account. In the case of a request without invitation or without pre-approval, the process may take up to 5 banking business days.

4. Can the credit be settled in advance?

Answer: Of course, if and best of all, doing so does not generate a penalty or additional payment for early settlement.

5. Where can the payments be reflected?

Answer: You can check the status of the account at any time and place from the application. It is necessary to download the electronic account statement or request it in a branch personally.

The payday loans are indicated in national currency (Mexican pesos) and are offered throughout the Mexican Republic through the National Bank of Mexico. Failure to comply with obligations can generate late interest or additional fees. You should not forget that contracting credits that exceed the ability to pay directly affects the credit history.

This type of credit is ideal for those who have an account in the bank and receive their salary from there. On the contrary, those Mexicans who either have their employers or themselves have not opened an account, have occasional employment or are unemployed do not have access to these banking products and services.

For all of them we have the solution: online credits without payday. We are a website that brings together the best private lenders in Mexico and offers them to applicants after filling out a form. It is very easy and fast since you should not join any branch. From your home or any site with internet access. The answer takes 15 minutes and the crediting of the money 24 hours. Use the loan calculator to simulate the maximum amount you can receive.